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Turfgrass Sod and Seed Installation


Properly established and maintained lawns are a life-time investment, adding to the value of the property, its safe, clean and enjoyable use and even a benefit to the environment as the tightly inter-woven plants of a mature lawn clean the air by releasing oxygen as it uses carbon dioxide, traps participate pollution and cleanses runoff water that helps restore our groundwater supplies.

Making the wrong decisions when a lawn is established will cost time, energy, money and natural resources.

Making the right decisions when a lawn is established will create a beautiful, useable and enjoyable investment.

Benefits of Sod in Wisconsin


Time of Year to Install: Year-round installation, even in frozen ground if sod is available.

Soil Preparation: Same for all types of lawn installation: Deeply till soil, add necessary amendments and fertilizer, grade and level for smooth surface, remove all debris, lightly pack and moisten.

Seed Quality: Typically highest available sod quality, certified, elite seed. May be certified to prove specific variety. Mixtures and blends used to suit area needs.

Water Requirements: Lowest water needs. Water at installation for seven to ten days, then light watering for next two to three weeks. Grass will shade soil and prevent drying.

Uniformity of Coverage: 99 to 100% uniformity with use of mature turfgrass sod.

Weed Control: Minimal, if any chemical control required.

Runoff/Erosion: Capable of accepting heavy rains without erosion or damage. Excellent control on even very steep slopes.

Visual Impact: Immediate beauty of a 'complete' and mature landscape.

Usability: Low traffic immediately. Normal, high traffic levels within two to three weeks.

Installation cost: Highest initial cost.

Cost vs. value: Installation costs offset by added value of timing, usability, uniformity and visual appeal. Reduced maintenance, chemical and water costs. Pride. Highest value as green contributor. Nursery grown sod quality immediately.

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