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Preparing Soil and Installation Sod

Establishing and maintaining a sodded lawn requires proper site preparation, sod selection, laying the sod and turf maintenance. While following the correct method is not an absolute guarantee against future turf problems, it does avoid many mistakes. Sod adds not only to the beauty and value of your site, but deters soil erosion.


During the first three weeks, avoid heavy or concentrated use of the newly sodded turn area. This gives the roots an opportunity to firmly knit with the soil and insures that the turf area will remain smooth.

Prep and Installation on Sod in Wisconsin

Prep and Installation of Sod in Wisconsin

Step 1: Soil Preparation

Remove all surface debris such as rocks, roots, building materials, etc. from planned turf area. Provide a suitable soil for root growth by adding top soil or other soil amendments such as fertilizer, lime, manure, etc. Rototill or spade soil and amendments to a depth of 4 to 6 inches. Eliminate drainage problems by sloping soil away from foundations. Establish a rough grade. Rake and smooth the soil for a finish grade. Roll area lightly with lawn roller 1/3 full of water to reveal low areas that need more soil. Keep the grade 1 inch below sidewalks and driveways.

Prep and Installation of Sod in Wisconsin

Step 2: Measuring and Ordering

With a tape, measure your planned turf area. Include these measurements on a sketch, with length and width and any unusual features. Black Creek Sod will help you determine the sod requirements. Small Roll Sod - 10 sq. ft. (24” x 60”) Big Roll Sod - 200 sq. ft. (2 ½ ‘ x 80’) Schedule your order for delivery of sod after preparatory work is completed and you are ready to install. Prompt installation on the day of delivery is crucial to a strong beginning for your lawn.

Prep and Installation of Sod in Wisconsin

Step 3: Turf Installation

Sod is a living plant that requires ground contact and moisture to survive. Install immediately upon delivery and begin watering within 30 minutes of installation. In hot weather, protect unlaid sod by placing in shade, covering with moist burlap, and/or sprinkling. Begin installing sod along the longest straight line, such as a driveway or sidewalk. Butt and push edges and ends against each other tightly, without stretching. Stagger the joints in each row in a brick like fashion. Use a sharp knife for cutting rolls in half or for shaping around obstacles and trimming. Avoid leaving small strips at outer edges as they will not retain moisture. On slopes, place sod across the slope. Cover any outside exposed edge of sod with soil to retain moisture.

Prep and Installation of Sod in Wisconsin

Step 4: Watering

Give your new sodded turf area at least 1 inch of water within ½ hour of installation. Water daily, or more often, keeping both sod and soil beneath moist until sod is rooted (about 2 weeks). Then less frequent and deeper watering should begin. Weather conditions will dictate the amount and frequency of watering. Be certain that your new lawn has enough moisture to survive hot, dry, or windy periods. Water areas near buildings more often where reflected heat dries the turf.

Prep and Installation of Sod in Wisconsin

Step 5: Mowing

Wait until sod is rooted down before mowing. When you can no longer lift edges of sod rolls, it is rooted. Raise mower to highest mowing level, gradually lower height of cut. Mow at an angle the first time and continue to change mowing patterns. Remove no more than 1/3 of the leaf surface at any one time. Try to maintain your turf area at a 2 to 3 inch height. The root system beneath will develop as deep as the leaf surface maintained above ground.

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